We follow you from the beginning until the end with a bespoke service covering all aspects of your wedding in Venice. We define with you the design you wish to create for your day, and we source the venue and all the other suppliers according to your unique style and budget. We also coordinate the wedding day. We meet with you to discuss your requirements and then we are with you at every step of the way and take care of your wedding in every little detail. We deal with the following:

Burocratic paperwork
We liaise with the Italian authorities so you don’t have to be worried about certificates which expire or which need to be approved. We will be the translator during the wedding day.

Venue Search
Thanks to our extensive knowledge of venues throughout the NorthEast of Italy we wil find the perfect location for your wedding whether it be a villa, a luxurious hotel or a countryside barn. We will make a list of selected venues with details on: features, facilities, pictures, estimated price. We will visit the venue with you and negotiate the final price, booking, methods of payment.

Suppliers Search
We’ll source all the suppliers you need. According to your requirements we provide you with a list you can choose so that you are not restricted to one option only, wheather it’s a photographer, a florist or a hairdresser.

Management & Design
We deal with all your wedding administration and paperwork, which means arranging appointments and visits to suppliers, benchmarking different suppliers’ costs, keeping track of payments and manage your budget. Plus a lot of expert advice!!
If you’d like to have a themed wedding we also offer inspirational ideas and theme coordination suggestions (accessories, decorations…) to make your design personal and unique.

Day Management
We will be there with you to make sure everything go smoothly. We will be responsible for the translation during the cerimony, coordinate the venue, the catering and all the other suppliers. We will also be a point of reference for your guests.