vintage wedding in vicenza
Weddings in Vicenza
wedding in vicenza
Weddings in Vicenza

Vicenza, also known as the “City of Palladio” due to its magnificent architectural heritage, is one of the most important city in the Veneto region. Since 1994, Vicenza has been enlisted as Unesco World Heritage, and it’s a vivid and cosmopolitan city, with a rich history and culture, many museumsart galleriespiazzasvillas and churches that will enjoy the lovers of culture and history.

Situated one hour away from both Venice and Verona, Vicenza is the perfect city for a cultural, relaxing and culinary vacation. Little gems around this city are the medieval town of Marostica(where you can get married in the beautiful town hall overlooking its historical main square), or the intimate mountain village of Asiago.

Vicenza is well known for a cuisine that reflects its agricultural past with local specialties such as Baccala alla Vicentina or Risi e Bisi (rice and peas). Marostica cherries, Asiago cheese, Bassano asparagus, or Nanto truffles are only a few things that make this city an important place in the Italian culinary scenario.

If you are planning to have a civil wedding in Vicenza you can choose among a few venues – availability and costs can vary depending on the venue so we suggest to get in touch with us to confirm them:
– Sala degli Stucchi
– Basilica Palladiana
– Olympic Teatre Garden
– Chiericati Palace
– Villa Guiccioli
– Private villas in the Vicenza surroundings

Symbolic weddings in Vicenza can be organised in a shorter period of time and they can be celebrated in different venues. Please get in touch to discuss options if you are planning either an elopement in Vicenza or a big wedding with many guests.

Here is a selection of venues for your perfect wedding in Vicenza. If you would like to have support in finding the right venue feel free to contact us!