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Colourful Wedding in the Prosecco hills
weddings in treviso

Weddings in Treviso

Lovers of luxury and elegance will find in Treviso the perfect place for the organization of a unique and authentic venetian style wedding. The Piazza Dei Signori overlooked by the clock tower, the wonderful Loggia and ancient buildings, the fish market area and the peace and quietness of the river Sile crossing the city from the North to the South and the wonderful porches all around give to the visitor the impression that Treviso has preserved the charm of a middle-ages small town and the influence of the Venice Serenissima, but has also been able to built a strong spirit of independence and pride…
For those looking for a countryside wedding, the outskirts of Treviso will leave you speachless. You can indeed choose one the many agriturismi or loncande in the middle of the Prosecco vineyards and spend your entire holiday there with your guests.
Your civil wedding in Treviso can be held in the magnificent Palazzo Rinaldi town hall; you will have the possibility to have your pictures taken in many stunning and breathless corners of the city that you would not find anywhere else in Veneto.
For a symbolic ceremony in Treviso you can choose one of the old private churches or cloisters well preserved in the villages of the Prosecco hills.
Treviso offers many wedding receptions possibilities: from the old osterias down town, where your guests will have the chance to taste typical local food and wine, or luxury Venetian style villas surrounded by all-year-long-green parks where few old centuries trees still grow in silence…

THIS IS THE PERFECT PLACE for the lovers of the ancient Venice architecture as well as authentic locations far from the most touristic paths.