An elegant venue among the olive trees

Situated less than one hour away from the closest airport, hidden among the olive trees groves, and two kilometers away from the sea, this ancient Masseria village was turned recently into a holiday place, after it has been forgotten from the world for years.

The massive iron gate at the entrance of the estate as well as the alley surrounded by olive trees and oleanders will immediately impress and the visitor will understand that his privacy will be preserved with no doubt!
All about this Masseria on the sea reminds of the structure of the ancient Apulian traditional farm. The owners made the decision to refurbish it in a most charming, elegant and authentic way, with a fantastic attention to details, not forgetting though about the comfort that a couples have a need for.
Relax, wind, wild nature, orange trees, lazy cats sleeping in the sun, a magic place for a fantastic journey experience!

For those who dream of a symbolic wedding in Apulia, you will have the opportunity to celebrate your symbolic wedding into the ancient stone cave discovered recently by the owners into the wild of the Masseria, an area where the visitor could breathe the spirituality of the place.

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The right venue for…
The lovers of nature mixed with relax and chic elegance. A place where intimacy is preserved with all exclusive comforts.The right place to have a chic and authentic Apulian wedding as well as a perfect holiday too a few miles away from the sea.