masseria puglia
masseria puglia
An authentic Masseria in the hills

Situated among the hills, far away from the main touristic roads and surrounded by the olive trees groves, with the blue sea in the back ground, this ancient masseria village was turned recently into a holiday place.

All about this place reminds of the structure of the ancient Apulian traditional farm. The owners made the decision to refurbish this Masseria in a most genuine and authentic way, preserving thus the charm of a place that was once upon a time centre of a farmers family social life.

The main square of the village, the orange tree garden where visitors can enjoy the afternoon relaxing in the hammocks hanged in the shade, the lovely church facing the square, the restaurant area with its green plants and ancient farms tools on the walls, the main white building standing on the square with its magnificent external stairs.

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The right venue for…
The lovers of nature who are looking for an authentic venue for a genuine and rustic Apulian wedding and journey experience.