Jewish wedding ceremony

The jewish ghetto in Venice is one old the oldest in the world and it still preserves a unique atmosphere which makes it the ideal place to organise a jewish wedding ceremony.
You can celebrate your jewish wedding in one of the 5 stunning sinagogues dated back to the XVI century. Each of them has its own architectural features, size and a capability and it’s open according to the season. So, if you are thinking of getting married in one of these sinagogues it’s better to check in advance which ones are open in the period of the year you would like to get married.

Here below the name of the sinagogues and their capability:

The Great German schola – 25 people
The Canton schola – 25 people
The Italian schola – 25 people
The Levantine schola – 100 people
The Spanish schola – 300 people

If you are thinking to plan a jewish wedding ceremony in Venice and you are looking for the right location we also offer a service of venue search only. Feel free to contact us for costs of this service.

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