catholic ceremony
Catholic wedding ceremony

A catholic wedding ceremony in one of the many churches in Venice is the perfect way to make your wedding day unforgettable as well as discover the city’s long history of faith, art and architecture. At the same time, you will find a surprising Venice made of secret places and hidden jewels which can be the perfect set for a romantic religious ceremony in Venice.

A catholic wedding ceremony in Venice can be either symbolic or legally binding. See details on the legal requirements for a catholic wedding in Venice or contact us.

Ceremonies are performed by a local English-speaking priest but in case the couple would like to have their own priest he is usually welcomed by the local one.
Most of the priests prefer to receive directly from spouses a church donation as a courtesy gesture.

We can recommend a selection of churches which will reflect your wedding idea – whether it is an intimate ceremony or a day shared with your family and friends, Venice offers many possibilities which will turn your wedding into a fairytale.

Church of the Redentore

Situated on the island of the Giudecca, south of central Venice, the church of Redentore is one of the biggest in Venice. It was commissioned in 1576 in supplication and in thanks for relief from the plague. This church can host up to 300 people and it’s easily accessible via vaporetto (there is a vaporetto stop right outside, naturally called Redentore).

Saint Mark Basilica

This is the most famous church in Venice and a perfect example of Byzantine style. It was originally built as the private chapel for the Doge, the ruler of Venice and nicknamed the Chiesa D’oro (the gold church) due to its elaborate and rich gold mosaic.
Weddings in Saint Mark Basilica are celebrated in the romantic crypt which is situated under Saint Mark’s square.

Santa Maria dei Miracoli

Santa Maria dei Miracoli is a little jewel in the very heart of Venice. This church is a stunning example of renaissance style and well known for the marble decoration of its facades.
Unlike all the other churches in the Venice, which have all been overlapped by different styles, the church of Miracoli was untouched: it was designed, built, and decorated by one only artist and his workshop.
This church is perfect for intimate weddings up to 80 people.