Catholic wedding ceremony

catholic wedding in Venice

A catholic wedding ceremony in one of the many churches in Venice is the perfect way to make your wedding day unforgettable as well as discover the city’s long history of faith, art and architecture. At the same time, you will find a surprising Venice made of secret places and hidden jewels which can be the perfect set for a romantic religious ceremony in Venice.

We can recommend a selection of churches which will reflect your wedding idea – whether it is an intimate ceremony or a day shared with your family and friends, Venice offers many possibilities which will turn your wedding into a fairytale.

Once choosen the right chuch for you, we will be able to discuss with the priest how to personalise the ceremony: beautiful flowers to decorate the venue and romantic music like a violin, a choir or a solo voice to create the perfect romantic atmosphere during the celebration.

A catholic wedding ceremony in Venice can be either symbolic or legally binding. See details on the legal requirements for a catholic wedding in Venice or contact us.

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